Speaking our truth is one of the most rebellious things that we can do. 


Our truth can leave us feeling vulnerable and exposed and alone.  Sharing it can also be one of the most liberating, rewarding and powerful things we can do. 


In a world that thrives on and profits from our pervasive sense of disconnection – from ourselves, from others and from our truth, connection is an art worth practicing. 

As we grow, as we evolve, our relationship to our truth and the process of our own becoming, matters. The ability to show up for ourselves in all of our light and all of our darkness and the commitment to love, witness and support all that we bring to this human experience is necessary. 


It is through this continual showing up that we experience growth, transformation, evolution and the bare beauty of becoming.  It isn’t always easy.  It is sometimes grueling, excruciating and exhausting. It is also joy inducing, heartbreakingly beautiful, profound and nothing short of miraculous.


Crysta is a heart-led, soul centered, truth teller who has been on a quest for true love, grand adventure and the wildness of freedom since her very beginnings.  She is deeply insightful and her personal writing offers a raw and honest look at the experiences that align us and the things that tear us apart.  Crysta is a dreamer, a leader and a yogi, engaged in active practice in all its forms.

Through her own process of becoming, Crysta is loving and raising two beautiful boys, a large dog and a small cat behind a white picket fence on southern Vancouver Island. 

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